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Parents Who Get Involved in Kids Reading Get Results

Parents who understand getting involved is key to children showing interest in reading daily, hear what one parent had to say about her journey to reading with her kids, “As parents, it’s about embracing what they love to read versus maybe what I want them to read,”. “We had to learn that their interests were explore with our kids the joy of reading anything really”

Tip 1 - Don't force what you want them to read onto a child, instead like them choose a book and sit besides them ready to help with pronunciation if needed.

Tip 2 - It’s important that parents understand libraries are there to help too. They can help children find materials they enjoy. Also, librarians have been trained to help students with Individual Reading Improvement Plans — or IRIPs.

Tip 3 - When is doubt of where to start, turn to the experts. Not every parent feels like they know exactly what’s best for their kids when it comes to learning how to read, strengthen their current skills and further their abilities. We help guide them and work closely with the parents to ensure academic success one online live class at a time! Enroll today!

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