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Learning and growing your skills is an important step for all children in becoming an academic success. We are here to make it happen and give an enjoyable experience for children. Children love working and playing on the computer, why not offer live instructional classes to help them academically. is all about bringing out the best in each child while making learning fun! 


Learning with

We created a unique live online world where children can learn to do mathematics. reading at grade level, and computer coding. It supports each child’s learning by offering semi-private virtual live instruction classes, allowing children to progress within a group setting. 


Educationally sound

All of the software and programs we use has been developed by a highly experienced team of educators, writers, and developers. the program focuses on giving live instruction classes with a facilitator, instructor or tutor to build a solid core of learning. Completely supporting what children learn at school and beyond.  


Children and Parents love it!

Parents feel in control with choosing a class schedule that fits their daily routine. Being at home gives a sense of no hassle participation, and makes it easy for them to join in by sitting next to the child or being in the same room monitoring close by.Kids have fun with live interaction and sharing the screen with virtual students and instructors, making our way of learning fun and cool! is a great place to learn. Children are highly motivated to return again and again. Learning is enjoyable as well as very rewarding. 

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